Magento running but no tasks being scheduled/executed

If you have the situation where system cron is executing Magento’s, but tasks are not being scheduled or run, then it might be because there is a previous execution of magento’s cron.php script which is sleeping (in the example below, it’s in status ‘S’ – interruptible sleep [waiting for an event to complete]).

mage-cronThis process may have to be killed to allow the next scheduled Magento cron to be able to run, as checks for already running processes and won’t run a new one if it finds any.

Ideally one should then investigate the logs to establish what may have caused the process to hang in the first place.


Magento – Web Service Calls / API

At Fluid Branding we recently moved our website over to Magento. This all went very successfully, so one of the things we’re doing now is integrating our back office systems with Magento:

Fluid Branding Website - May 2012
Fluid Branding Website – May 2012

The first thing I needed to do was to retrieve details of a specified product from Magento. The back office system is on a different server from the website itself, so I needed to set up an API to be able to get the data. Continue reading “Magento – Web Service Calls / API”